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Sometimes you can’t find a soulmate while using general free online dating sites, partially, because you need something more specific, where you can meet people with the same beliefs. If you are a true Christian and religion is an important part of your life, it’s too difficult to find a similar mind while using such apps like Tinder. That’s why we came up with a review.

This website is designed for Catholic people, which you can understand from the name of the network. But unlike other similar services, this one offers an individualized platform for people to use, not just another top dating site with nothing to offer. This network is not considered to be an elite one. Like Zoosk or other similar services, but it is very decent and has interesting features to offer.

Let’s start this review of with advantages and disadvantages of using the network.

Benefits and Pitfalls Of Using CatholicMatch


Years of Experience dating site was launched in 1999. This means that you are using a platform that is connecting people for twenty years. This also means that the site is 100% legit since most scam sites rarely exist longer than one year. Because of a bad reputation, such scam sites are closed by owners only to create new similar scam sites. CatholicMatch is not such a site.

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Focuses on Religious People

Dating site is designed for religious people. It asks specific questions considering your faith, beliefs, and views. The questionnaire is individualized that’s why the percentage of happy couples who have built strong relationships using this site is higher than the percentage of other sites.

Paid Usage Secures the Site from Spammers

The website is paid, and yes, it’s an advantage. Only people with serious intentions register on such sites since they have to pay. The decision to register on a website is not made in spontaneously, men and women are looking for boyfriends and girlfriends. All ladies and gentlemen who signup, are serious about their intentions. That’s why it’s easier to find a match here and to preserve the relationship.

Advanced Search Tool

This dating website review shows that you can use the search tool before paying for the subscription. You won’t see an example of a match since you can receive recommended candidates via mail only after upgrading your profile to premium, but you can search for people by your criteria so you can check whether you like what you see.


This was a list of advantages, but there are some pitfalls of using this network to find a date, these are as follows:

Long Registration Process

Your account has to be completed before you can check the platform. If you decide that you want to leave, you will lose time.

Small Users Database

On the other hand, it’s better to use the site with a smaller database, but you will know that all the users are Catholics.

Many Fake Porilfes

Reviews on and comments on the Internet show that there is still a big percentage of fake users.

No Mobile App

It was launched in 1999 and it still doesn’t have a mobile app.

No Record of Previous Activity

This site does not indicate when a user was online last time. Some users might have found their soulmates and left their profiles without bothering to delete them. Others might have simply left the site. But the users who are active won’t know who are they contacting – an active or inactive user.

These are the pitfalls of using the site. reviews from the Internet state that the prices are pretty moderate and there are sites that ask even more though they don’t have decent features to offer. But the most annoying thing is that you don’t know when was the last time the person was online.


After you register, you are asked to answer some questions. You immediately understand that the platform is serious about some religious aspects, for instance, about how often you attend services, what do you think about having sex before marriage, etc. The whole process of creating an account will take about twenty minutes, but dating website review that there is another aspect that can take five more minutes. You are advised to complete a personality test so that you will receive more accurate matches.

Interesting Features

There are several features that make the site special:

Personality Test

It analyzes our answers about your personality and your views upon religion. It’s not just another personality test, it is focused on religion. There is a set of questions that are created by the system; you can pick several of them and send them to the person who caught your eye. Sometimes it’s difficult to ask certain questions in a natural conversation, but this feature acts as an icebreaker.

Catholic Blog

You can read different articles about such aspects as life, friendship, love, sex, etc., from a religious perspective.

The online dating site review shows that this platform is not just another general website that has only a religious name and nothing to offer to Christians. It is focused on the needs of Catholics; it helps them during difficult times, etc. You can find friends, support, or love, depending on what your heart needs.

Quality Of Profiles

The first thing you should know is that there is a feature in your profile where you can choose who can see your photos. So, you can make them private, or you can choose that only registered users can see pictures. 

There are some comments on the Internet, especially from women, that some men here are not interested in faith at all. People also state that the problem with inactive profiles is huge; users complain that they reach out to people who have abandoned the site long ago. 

And another similar problem is that there are many fake accounts and administration is not deleting them. They are not bothered that women complain about scammers; the only thing a person can do is to block those users. But most likely such scammers would find another target.

Users’ profiles contain the following information:

  • name
  • location
  • age
  • marital status
  • occupation
  • interests


The security system is basic; they don’t check whether the person is who he says he or she is. Of course, scammers are discouraged since they have to pay to use the site, but other people who do not have serious intentions might be net on this platform. Be careful and don’t send any personal information to strangers.


The cost per month depends on the subscription you buy. It can be bought for a month, three months, and six months duration. You can save some money by buying a six months pack, the cost per month will be around 13 dollars. If you decide to buy a monthly package, you have to pay almost 30 dollars.


Review of dating site shows that the network is certainly focused on the aspects of religion. It’s not a random site; it is dedicated to singles who believe in God. But the thing is that not all the people who register here are religious, and that’s a huge problem which has to be dealt with the owners.

ChristianCafe Review

ChristianCafe Review

Our Website Rating

This website was designed specifically for people who believe in God and want to meet like-minded individuals. It’s very important that people are similar and share mutual beliefs and respect. It’s almost not possible to live with someone who doesn’t believe in God at all, while you bear the love to God in your heart. In this ChristianCafe review, you will find out whether this site connects people who believe in God.

Some people say that different singles complete each other. One person has those personality traits that luck his potential significant other. When they are together, they are like pieces of a puzzle united together. While it’s a very romantic and cute theory, the reality is different. In real life, such personalities clash. They don’t complete each other; they become the reason why people break up or divorce.

But the creators of legit ChristianCafe dating site are Christians as well, and they understand that religion is important, but at the same time, they have created a network where people can seek similar singles. For instance, the whole network has only those people who believe in God, so your only task is to filter people by their interests. This is done easily by using a searching tool. Below you can get acquainted with the pros and cons of this network.

Pros And Cons Of Using Dating Site ChristianCafe

Dating Site ChristianCafe - Review

You have to understand that this network is individualized. This means that the database won’t be as huge as databases of generalized online dating sites. But you don’t have to spend your time on websites that don’t even have the option to indicate in which religion you believe. Everyone on this website believes in God.

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There are many advantages of this service, for example:

Extensive Database of Christians

Review of ChristianCafe shows that around one million people live in the USA. Overall, the database of users is approximately two million people. This makes this site a top dating site in the US, but it still allows people from other corners of the world to meet ladies or gentlemen who share their beliefs.

The Gender Proportion Is Even

Most of the websites have disproportion; sometimes it’s huge. This site contains fifty percent of women and fifty percent of men. If you are looking for girlfriends or boyfriends, it won’t be difficult for you to meet the person you can be happy with.

Members Are Active and Diverse

Even though most of the users come from the US, you can meet people belonging to different nations. Moreover, these members are very active. Whether you need someone to love, or you are interested in fellowship, or you need support/advice, be sure that you will find it here.

Reviews on ChristianCafe that you can find on the Internet reflect the age proportion of the users. There are users in their twenties, thirties, forties, etc. Such age range grants you the possibility of meeting a representative of your age generation.

Free Trial

This benefit doesn’t need a description; it’s an obvious advantage which you rarely find on other sites.

Legally married people who are seeking singles are frowned upon. But it’s still not clear how the site differentiates singles from legally married people, or from people who are in serious relationships.

Advanced Matching System

You can see the percentage of your compatibility with another user. It’s very useful since you immediately see the percentage, for instance, if it’s 75% or more, you can contact the person. If it’s lower than 50%, it’s best to find someone else.


App Is Available Only for iOS

There is an App that is available only for Apple users. If the operating system of your phone is Android, you won’t be able to use it.

You Need to Upgrade to a Paid Membership

You can’t contact people unless you are a Premium user. The reason why it’s an advantage is that you can be a Premium user, but you won’t see what the free user is writing to you.

The price is rather moderate, but only if you buy at least a six months subscription. It will benefit you only if you use the site for six months. The cost per month is thirteen dollars a month. But in total it will cost you 80 dollars. If you buy a monthly subscription, you pay 35 dollars. But you can’t be sure that you meet the right person during this month, if not, you will have to pay again. 

Many Fake Users

ChristianCafe reviews on the Internet state that there are fake users.

Easy to Use

The design is a bit plain and old-fashioned. When you signup, it seems to be modern, only the colors are too dull, but the overall design is pretty good. But when you register, the interface is different, too old-fashioned, and you have to get used to navigating here. 

The site was launched in 1999, and it seems that it wasn’t updated since then. ChristianCafe online dating site review shows that it’s not that easy to use. You can find all the features you need, but it will take time to get used to it.


Even though the database is not too big, the matching algorithm is accurate and able to differentiate between people you might like, and those singles that have opposite personalities. As it was mentioned above, when you click on someone’s profile, you can see the percentage of your compatibility. That way, you can choose between potential candidates and pick the one who has more similarities with you to date. Match with singles by:

  • age
  • marital status
  • interests
  • habits
  • relationship goals

Quality Of Profiles

ChristianCafe dating website review shows that after registration, there are several rounds of questions. Those questions are standard, you just need to answer them, and the information will be displayed in your profile. But these profiles are too general unless users decide to give more personal information.

For instance, some users can write very long biographies where they tell what are their preferences, who they consider to be perfect candidates, etc. But other users might not be so open and easy-going. Most of the profiles give away only general information. Maybe, that’s the point – you find a compatible candidate, and you spend time while getting to know each other.


The dating website ChristianCafe review shows that even though it was designed and launched for people who believe in God, it doesn’t offer you something special. It does have the database where only Christians are included, but it doesn’t offer you some specific events. But the features, especially the compatibility percentage, are pretty good.

There are websites whose owners regularly organize events for people where they can meet each other. While this website offers you only a database of true Christians. But if you are looking for the website where you can meet a person who believes in God and who has similar interests in life, you can use this site, it’s quite decent. Hopefully, this review of dating site ChristianCafe will help you to make your web dating experience positive. But you will have to get used to the old-fashioned design and fake accounts that can be encountered within this network. Review Review

Our Website Rating

It’s one of the oldest websites in the online dating industry, which means that it has a huge database of users all over the world. Some users might remember this platform under the name of AreYouInterested (AYI), it was launched back in 2007. Then the platform was rebranded by the owners, and now we have a dating site This is a review article, where you can find out more about the topics of your interest.

Pros and Cons

It is considered to be a top dating site since the number of users is over thirty million people. Such popularity gives people a chance to find someone local who can meet their preferences.


It’s one of the most preferred online dating sites because it operates in different countries. Of course, it has disadvantages, like any other site. But let’s view the pros of using the network:

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Huge Users Database dating site is legit and has a huge database of users. Only from the US, there are around eighteen million users. This means that no one will have difficulties in finding the right single to create a strong romantic bond. 

Many Active Users dating website review shows that around 500k people are active weekly. You would expect this website to be more active, but rarely a website can guarantee you even such an activity. Users on the Internet inform that it was easy for them to meet friends and potential candidates for romantic relationships due to the high activity of users.

Right Gender Proportion

Usually, websites have around 60-65 percent of women, and 40-35 percent of men. This network has 45 percent of ladies and 55 percent of gentlemen to fall in love with. This is an advantage for women, but men are also able to quickly find girlfriends.

You Can Register with Facebook

You can skip the registration process by signing up using your Facebook account. But if you decide not to bound your Facebook account, the registration process will take only two minutes of your life. But if you decide to use Facebook, you won’t have to upload photos – the system will import basic details of your life and photographs you posted.

Various Communication Features

The reviews on on the Internet state that there is an interesting function where you can see profiles of people, and pick those that you like. It’s similar to Tinder, but it has a more in-depth approach which allows people to see biographical information. Moreover, if you can’t decide whether you like the person or not, you can skip him or her.

Detailed Profiles

The profiles are in-depth and of high quality. Singles can indicate in what religion they believe, what are the political views, etc. This way people can have a clear picture and their personalities won’t clash in the future.

Advanced Matching System

The match system is responsible for sending you the correct candidates who you can contact. For instance, you can like the person’s profile or mark it so you can view it later. You will receive daily matches so that your chances of finding a like-minded individual are higher. 

Mobile App Is Available

There is an app that can be used by owners of Android and iOS devices. The app had been downloaded over one million times only in Play Market.


But the advantages end at this point, now let’s see the cons of using the site:

You Cannot Browse Profiles for Free reviews state that some people left this platform immediately after registering because they weren’t allowed to use the search function for free. This is a huge disadvantage because people can’t test the most important feature of the website before paying for the subscription.

App Always Accesses Your Location

If you download the app, it detects your location. If you don’t like that, forbid the program to distract such information in settings.

You Cannot Communicate for Free

You can’t receive or send messages if you have a free account. The problem is that if you pay for a subscription, the message that was sent to you before won’t be visible. And those who have sent this message might be discouraged if someone unknowingly ignored them.

The price per month varies due to the length of the subscription if you buy six months. Then the cost per month will come to around 13 dollars. The price is rather an advantage than a disadvantage. There are websites with smaller databases but with higher prices.

Communication Features

Aside from the most important function, which is a matchmaking system, this network has other functions and useful features. Icebreakers – these are the questions that are sent by the system to those matches who are compatible with you based on your criteria. For instance, they can help in starting the conversation and date easier.

Video Chat

You can use it to make sure that you are talking to a real person. Of course, where there is a video chat, there is a way to abuse such a function. For instance, there is not even one review of that states that some people immediately want to proceed with video chat, and usually their reasons are not innocent. Some people think that it’s a great idea to use this chat as a virtual sex platform, and such an attitude is not accepted by other singles.

Let’s summarize what options the dating site gives you:

  • free registration
  • free search for singles of different age
  • chat and private email
  • video chat

Profile Quality

As it was mentioned above, profiles are detailed and you can find out not only about people’s preferences but also about their religious and political views. Aside from that, there is a possibility to add your preferences in music, what movies you prefer, etc. 

Such an approach helps in connecting people who are similar. It’s important since even musical preferences might be the reason for people to break up. But when you have such detailed information, you can decide whether you have the future together. Some people think that they complete each other when they have different personalities, but in reality, their personalities often clash, which leads to scandals and break-ups.

Profile photos are visible to free and paid users. Even though you can’t use an advanced search before paying for the subscription, you can still examine the profiles. Such an opportunity can help users to decide whether they want to stay or not. 

This website pays a lot of attention to people’s interests, which is good. The creation of the profile will take a while since you have to pick from a list of your favorite music artists, movies, TV-shows, books, etc. If you want to find someone, who shares your interests quickly, you can simply insert the name of your favorite band, and you will see the profiles of people who appreciate it as well.

Fake Profiles

There are fake profiles, which is odd considering the sophisticated registration process. They are banned regularly since the security system detects even if you use those free VPN-programs. For example, they detect your location after registration. If you write down in your profile that you live in Texas, while the system detected that you are currently in Germany, it is counted as suspicious behavior.

But some scammers may bother you even though the site is paid and the security system is verifying whether the account is real or fake. So, be careful and don’t share personal information with such people. 


This online dating site review shows that there are a lot of advantages, but to tell the truth, most of the websites also have these advantages. The site is average, nothing special can be highlighted. But still, it’s decent, and it grants users a solid opportunity to meet someone special and to create a strong, romantic bond. But be careful while communicating with suspicious people, they might be scammers. 

ArabLounge Review

ArabLounge Review

Our Website Rating

As you might have guessed from the name of the website, ArabLounge dating site is meant for people from Arab countries. This platform caters to interests of Arab men and women who want to find their soulmates. This ArabLounge review will cover the pros and cons of using the service, what are the peculiarities that make this product special, and how to use it. 

Pros and Cons

The first impression after you open the page is very positive. First, the webpage is easily downloaded; you don’t have to wait. Second, the design is pleasant for the eye. It is not overloaded with many not needed features; you won’t find annoying advertisements, etc. The design is stylish, and you can immediately proceed with signing up.


Let’s cover advantages and disadvantages before we proceed with ArabLounge dating website review. The advantages are as follows:

Easy to Use

It’s very easy to navigate while using the service. Each category is easily found; all the functions are created to make the user’s life easier.

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ValentimelogoValentime 9.2 Visit Site

Helpful Support Team

The support from the staff will help you in solving any problem that occurs.

Detailed Profiles

The review of ArabLounge shows that the profiles allow users to add as many details as they want to add. All the profiles are very informative, which makes it easier to find single ladies or gentlemen who are thinking similarly. 

Accurate Match System

It matches people who indicated similar personality traits. For example, you indicate that you prefer an active way of spending time, the algorithm will offer you to choose from several candidates who also love an active way of life. The system won’t match you with someone who is different from you.


And now let’s look at the disadvantages:

Smal Database of Users

The database has around seventy thousands of users, and not everyone is active. This means that it would be pretty difficult to find someone near you and build relationships. Most of the users are from the USA and Canada who originally come from Arab countries. But still, it’s difficult to find someone near. Most likely, you will have to buy a ticket and fly to the destination where your candidate lives.

The number of active users is too low for a site that has such a small database of users. The ArabLounge reviews that you can find on the internet show that because of this fact it’s very difficult to find someone.

Ignore the Religious Peculiarities of Singles

It was created for Arab people, but it does not offer anything special in terms of religion. The developers didn’t consider the fact of adding some features that would cater to interests of Arab singles.

Expensive Prices

It’s too expensive for a service that has only seventy active members. Reviews on ArabLounge on the Internet state that you have to pay almost 50 dollars if you are planning to use it for a month. You can save some money by buying a twelve months subscription, that way you have to pay only around 25 dollars. But still, there are alternative top dating sites that offer you more for a lower price.

If to sum up, the site is 7 stars out of 10. It has some useful features; you will find out about them below in our ArabLounge online dating site review. But the disadvantages overbalance the advantages.  


ArabLounge Review

There are two ways how you can register an account online. You can spend three minutes of your time and insert such data as e-mail address, your name and surname, age, sex, who are you looking for (a man or a woman), where do you live, etc. But if you log in with your Facebook account, you can save your time since the system will take all the data from this account.

But then you have to complete your account by adding personal information. It will take a while, but if you do this, your chances of meeting girlfriends or boyfriends will be increased. After you register, you can view some of the profiles. 

Easy to Use

You can use it for free, but it won’t benefit you since to contact someone, you need to buy a subscription. Partially this feature protects users from scammers. Everyone who buys a subscription is a 100% legit member. Some free websites have huge problems with security – they can’t guarantee that all the users are rea,l and there are no fake accounts.

So, you can use the site for free after registration. You can spend time while browsing through profiles, so you can decide whether you like this platform or you should find an alternative. If you decide to stay, complete the quiz. You receive daily recommendations; they are based on the answers from the quiz. As it was mentioned above, this service has a quite accurate matchmaking system due to a sophisticated quiz.

This site is easy to use. It is similar to Facebook, so you won’t have problems with understanding what to do. You can upload your photos, add personal details and use the search. Extended search will allow you to find an individual with similar interests. A cost per month depends on what features you want to use. 

Communication Features of ArabLounge

As it was mentioned above, one of the best features of the site is the quiz. It’s an in-depth questionnaire that guarantees that the algorithm connects only compatible users.

Creating a complete profile will take you a while because it’s one of the key features of his site. It’s very detailed, and that’s why it takes a lot of time to complete this questionnaire. The dating site ArabLounge allows you to find someone who has similar beliefs, but you have to spend time and accomplish this quiz if you intend to find someone who fits you. This approach is quite effective, so it’s advised to complete the quiz.

Once your profile is done, you can:

  • view profiles of users
  • message them
  • wink at them
  • like users’ profiles

If someone liked or viewed your profile, you could see who did that. If you like those people who viewed you, you can react to their interest by texting them. There is a category “Real Stories” where you can read the stories of people who found love while using this site. It’s not new; some other online dating sites also have this feature. In this category, you see not only the stories, but also some pictures of those happy couples.

The site also has a similar to Tinder feature when you can pick someone based on the looks, not on the personality. It’s like a game, you see several pictures, and you have to pick the one that is the most appealing to date. It is also a good approach, especially if you want to find someone quickly. You can also use the basic search tool with basic filters, such as country, age, and the sex of a person.

Search Tool

This site also has an advanced searching tool which grants you the possibility to find someone who is very similar to you. The search tool has similar options as the questions from the quiz. This means that you might not wait for the list of recommended candidates, you can go and search them on their own. The results are pretty accurate, but the only thing is that there are not too many users on the platform.


To conclude, there are several features that make this site special. It has a decent matching system. In-depth profiles guarantee that you won’t receive as a recommendation a profile of the person who is different from you. It allows you to choose people due to their appearance – which is good.

But there are disadvantages that overbalance advantages. A very low number of users, and even worse, they are not so active as you would hope them to be. And considering such a small database, the price of using the site is too high.

SeniorPeopleMeet Review

SeniorPeopleMeet Review

Our Website Rating

If you are a senior person, you definitely don’t want to use Tinder or other similar online dating sites and apps. When you are in your forties, fifties or older, you know what you want from life. While we are young, we tend to experiment and search for something new. But growing older means that you are gaining experience each year. You have different views, and you lose those illusions that you had when you were young, etc. That’s why we came up with a SeniorPeopleMeet review – this project connects people who are mature.

SeniorPeopleMeet dating site grants you the chance to find love or friendship, to get the support that we need in different situations, to find someone with whom you can have an interesting conversation, etc. The project was launched by a huge media group People Media. This group has created and launched different projects that cater to the interests of different groups of people.

For instance, they have created platforms for senior people to date, but at the same time, they understand that other people might feel better within a specialized and individualized platform. As examples, you can view BlackPeopleMeet, or BBPeopleMeet. This review of SeniorPeopleMeet will give you a clear picture of the website, its peculiarities, strong and weak sides, etc.

Pros and Cons

Any dating website has weaknesses and strong sides. This SeniorPeopleMeet dating website review will highlight the pros and cons of this particular project. Let’s start with advantages:

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Victoria HeartslogoVictoria Hearts 9.8 Visit Site
LatinfeelslogoLatinfeels 9.5 Visit Site
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ValentimelogoValentime 9.2 Visit Site


The Site Is Popular in the USA

If you live here or if you want to meet someone from the US, you should know that this platform has almost 2 million users from America.

Active Users

For instance, only from the US, this platform gains almost 2 million users each month. As you can see, the number of users equals the activeness of these users.

Huge Users Database

The only peculiarity is that there are more women than men. Around sixty percent of users are ladies, and only forty percent are gentlemen. So, it’s easier to find a girlfriend rather than a boyfriend.

Free Searching Tool

SeniorPeopleMeet online dating site review shows that it has a free to use search tool. This means that you can register, and you don’t even need to buy a subscription. You can check out how the system works before paying for usage of the platform.

Cheap Subscription

You can choose between several options – buying credits, or buying a subscription. Credits you can use only when you want to contact someone, so that way you can save some money if you are positive that you won’t have time to use the site. But if you are sure that you are free, then you can buy a subscription. Cost per month depends on the number of months, for instance, if you buy six months, it’s cheaper.

Option to Upload Thirty Photos

You won’t have to buy an additional subscription or to upgrade your account to VIP as it sometimes needed on different platforms.

Detailed Profiles

SeniorPeopleMeet reviews and comments on the Internet show that the profiles are so detailed, that it’s easy to find an individual with similar interests.

Low Percentage of Scammers

You can be sure that there is a very low percentage of scammers on the website. The reason why scammers abandon the site is that the system identifies all the photos that are taken from the Internet.

Decent Match System

A decent match system that is responsible for sending you eleven compatible candidates every day.

Access to Photos in Profiles

Profile photographs are visible for every user. If you are not so sure about using the service, you can check out some profiles. You will be able to see photos and biographical information, even though you are a free user.


But even though the dating site SeniorPeopleMeet has so many advantages, there are some considerable disadvantages.

Prices Can Be Expensive for Some People

There are alternative websites that are cheaper. Even if you purchase the six months subscription that grants you a discount, there are alternatives that are cheaper.

No Guarantee That the Person You Are Chatting with Is Real

As it was mentioned above, the security system bans the accounts that use non-unique pictures. But there are a lot of free programs on the Internet that help in increasing the uniqueness of the picture even though it was downloaded from Google. So, you can’t be so sure that the photo is real. But there is a method to verify that the person is real – any signs, stickers, etc., might be the indicators that the picture is not real. 

Fake Account

There are fake accounts on the website. Partially, this is because it’s a top dating site and it attracts different scammers. But there is another reason – website owners don’t bother to implement a more sophisticated verification system that will check the information about the person.

Even though the website has such advantages as active users, the app that allows you to use the platform on your phone, etc., the site has a lot of scammers. Even this system that verifies that the photo is real does not help. The reason is that there is no mechanism that would check whether the person indicates the real location, is his name real, etc. 

Weak Security System

If there would be such safety measures, then the number of scammers would drop. But since owners are not doing anything yet, people are trying to manipulate senior people so that they can send them money. The only way you can protect yourself, is not to send money, not to give any personal information that can be related to your bank account. Just ignore such people.

The community is still very active and scammers won’t be bothering you every day, but be careful. Some singles are sincerely willing to meet the love of their lives. But some profiles might not be legit.

Easy to Use

The idea of the site is to connect people of one age. You can choose the age of your preferred partner, his personality traits, hobbies, etc., and the system will send you daily eleven potential candidates. It doesn’t mean that you will immediately find the one, that’s why you might not want to wait. Before you use the search tool, you need to signup. It will take around two minutes, but then you need to fill your profile, which can take a while.


If you don’t want to waste your time, use the search tool. It allows you to find thousands of users that meet your personal requirements. You can filter people by their location if you are interested in meeting the person you like in real life. That way you won’t have to travel to the other side of the continent if you fall in love.

Profile Quality

It’s relatively easy to find someone to build friendly relationships. People use this site to find friendship and support, and sometimes this friendship slowly transforms into a more romantic relationship. The quality of the profiles varies. You can find accounts where a potential candidate filled all information about him (her) and his (her) life, but there are profiles that seem to be fake.

Beware of accounts where a user uploads only one picture of himself or herself. Even though you can download the app on your portable device (phone, tablet), it doesn’t have any distinguishing features. It’s the same as the desktop version.


Reviews on SeniorPeopleMeet that you will find on the Internet will be a bit controversial. On the one hand, the site is easy to use, it has useful features and the match system is quite good, etc. But on the other hand, people say that there are scammers on the site. Still, there are a lot of cases when people found love on the site.

AsianMelodies Review

AsianMelodies Review

Our Website Rating

When modern technology started getting more available and popular, it seemed like it would solve every problem we have with meeting people and communicating with them. However, decades after the Internet first became used as a communication tool, it’s safe to say that meeting the love of your life may be harder than ever. Luckily, there is a website that can help you find your love through more than 30 varied countries and cultures. Dating site AsianMelodies is a leading international dating platform, which knows exactly what you are dealing with and which is ready to help. Find out whether you should try it reading this AsianMelodies dating website review!    

Pros and Cons

In this online dating site review we want to tell now only about the advantages of this platform but also about its flaws so you could decide whether this platform works for you or does not.

Best Rated Dating Websites
Victoria HeartslogoVictoria Hearts 9.8 Visit Site
LatinfeelslogoLatinfeels 9.5 Visit Site
Asia CharmlogoAsia Charm 9.3 Visit Site
ValentimelogoValentime 9.2 Visit Site


  • A vast number of high-quality and 100% real accounts;
  • The possibility to find your love in more than 30 countries;
  • Safety from scammers;
  • High-quality 24/7 support service;
  • Profiles are gender diverse;
  • Strict security policy, all accounts a thoroughly checked and verified;
  • The search tool is exclusively extended;
  • Pay safely.


  • Detailed pricing available only after the sign-up procedure.

About AsianMelodies


For your information, AsianMelodies is not a small or unpopular site. It is a big international platform that is known worldwide. Being a member of AsianMelodies means that you can easily and very quickly meet singles who share your views on a relationship. You may ask a simple question: Why can I do this so fast? Because our website has no borders or obstacles. It can give you a chance to meet a person from any corner of the world. Our primary focus is only a meaningful relationship. So, using this website, you can meet thousands of single men and ladies who are looking for love that lasts and doesn’t consider the language barrier or different cultures as a problem. Many men have already found loving and loyal Asian girlfriends.

Easy to Use

After reading this review of AsianMelodies you will know about everything about how this platform operates. If you’ve ever been on a dating website, you won’t be surprised by the fact that your AsiaMelodies experience starts with a sign-up. The owners of the site need to know you have serious intentions and are not there just for the thrill of it. That is why you will be asked to complete a short registration form. You will need to provide some basic information like your name, birth date, who you are looking for on AsianMelodies, as well as fill in your email and create a password. Complete the registration by clicking on the “Join for Free” button. Pay attention; there’s no way to register with Facebook or Google accounts.

Profile Quality

By the way, AsianMelodies should know as much as possible information about you to find you a compatible partner. That is why you have to fill in the second level of questionnaires. It will take some time, but if you introduce yourself in a proper and attractive way, you will find the most relevant match. Including previous information, it is strongly recommended for you to provide the service with correct information about yourself.

Keep in mind that vague answers and fictitious data can detain users from writing to you. So, on the second level, you need to answer a few simple questions about your perfect date. For instance, it can be a query about date’s age, children, height, weight, body type and bad habits of your future partner. Later you will fill in some information about your life like marital status, children, age, religion, weight, height, education level and bad habits.

To finish your profile updating, you have to upload your photo. It will help you to find your One and Only. At the end of the registration, you receive a letter of confirmation to activate your account. Congratulations! You are in the right way now. You can communicate with the members you’re interested in at any time you want. The easiest way to get in touch with the person is to start chatting.  


After reading AsianMelodies reviews left by its users, you can be sure that this platform is legit. Both on the first and more detailed look, AsianMelodies seems legit and very secure. Trust is everything in a relationship, especially for those people who are looking for love on the web. Security of personal data is a priority for AsianMelodies dating site. AsianMelodies is particular with its transparent terms of use and privacy policy.

When you register your account, you should read, understand and agree to Terms of Use, Risks Notice, Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. The registration form requires your confirmation of reading them. So, you must read all the information clearly, as you take responsibility for your further use of the service. In this way, you enter into a contract with the source about your rights and the service’s obligations.  If you have any questions or remarks about the conditions, you can always count on help or advice. The support team of AsianMelodies consists not only of competent professionals but also friendly people. And they are always online to answer your questions and provide you any assistance you need. Members of AsianMelodies team never reveal your personal information.

Data Protection

Simultaneously, to secure all payments and personal information, the platform uses the newest 128-bit SSL encryption. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a well-known security technology, commonly used by projects using web-payments. Among such projects are Amazon and eBay, so it is absolutely safe to use your card on AsianMelodies website because they use the same security technology as the other big projects. Moreover, AsianMelodies uses processing services, verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code to ensure the safety of your data.

AsianMelodies isn’t scam, so it has a Moderation Team who constantly monitors the platforms to avoid any fraudulent activities. So if the lady demands money or refuses to communicate without credits, the user should report it, so the Moderation Team could make sure that the lady is for the right reason on the website. Our Moderation team will make your visit of the site simple and absolutely safe.

So, the platform has made efforts to create a climate of trust on AsianMelodies. It’s cleaned it from scammers and implemented technologies that ensure the security of your personal data. You can relax here and focus on your love life without exceptions.


AsianMelodies is the best free dating site for serious relationships. If you’ve ever used an online dating platform, you probably won’t be surprised by the fact that while AsianMelodies is free to signup to and use, but further expenses are required. AsianMelodies gives its users a chance to test the site and use extra 20 credits free of charge. Payment window though opens if only you have used all the free credits. If you want to chat by instant messages and send virtual gifts, you need to purchase credits. There’s no monthly subscription, and you need to refill the balance once you run out of credits. You can’t be forced to refill it. Only if you want, you can do it. You can find the pricelist under “Credits”.

Don’t forget about AsianMelodies working stuff who are ready to help you every time you need it all around the day. Site workers have a task to assist you in communication as fast as possible, keeping in mind all your preferences. Take a notice that comparing with other online dating sites, AsianMelodies has average prices, but it’s stuff works in the highest professional level. You should pay not only for dating service but also for your support and security throughout finding that One and Only.  


Hopefully, this review has helped you to understand whether the platform meets your needs. If you are looking for a serious relationship, you should consider as it’s a top dating site. It is a  progressive, safe and user-friendly online dating website, which can help men and women from all over the globe find their One and Only. If you want to be happy with your ideal partner, don’t omit an opportunity to register in our platform. Various chatting options will help you to understand whether you are compatibility with the person, and establish a serious relationship with him or her on distance. AsianMelodies’ quite attractive prices and courteous staff will help you to find that One and Only despite all borders, culture and language barriers. They will answer all your questions and resolve all your problems immediately at every time you need it. Review Review

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Have you ever had a feeling like everyone near you is in love and you are still there with nobody around? Actually, there is nothing wrong with you being in your mid-30-40s. Regardless of your age, you are never too old to find love. Sure, it might seem like you are and it might really feel like you are, but “all the good ones” are not gone, even at your age. Especially on a platform called AsiaCham. You never know who you might meet or run into, or what old flames might spark in front of you. So it is always worth trying new dates and online dating sites could help you with this. I can assure you that it will be more than real to meet a mate who perfectly complements you.

When you are young, it’s like a shot in the dark because you don’t even know what you want in a partner. However, when you are older, you value different things and it could be the key to finding someone to love. Check out this review of AsiaCharm to find out how this platform could help you find the love of your life.


Pros and Cons

Best Rated Dating Websites
Victoria HeartslogoVictoria Hearts 9.8 Visit Site
LatinfeelslogoLatinfeels 9.5 Visit Site
Asia CharmlogoAsia Charm 9.3 Visit Site
ValentimelogoValentime 9.2 Visit Site


  • Safety from scammers;
  • Additional contact exchange;
  • Organized real meetings with potential brides;
  • Accessibility from different devices;
  • Bonus system for loyal customers;
  • High-quality support team.


  • No app provided;
  • The necessity to refill the account all the time when you are out of credits;
  • Falling in love with the most beautiful Asian woman overseas who is far away from you.

AsiaCharm Review

We made a deep research of AsiaCham to tell you what this platform is all about and where it’s worth trying or no. AsiaCham is one of the most popular and active dating online communities for real love hunters. The good news about AsiaCham is that you don’t have to travel much while looking for a woman of your dream. Everything works through online service.

Easy to Use

AsiaCharm dating site is designed very professionally and you can observe it right with the first glance at the interface and site’s equipment. The language on the platform is super easy to understand. Moreover, there are a lot of tabs with suggestions on how to use the online service.


When it comes down to putting yourself out there and creating a profile, small steps have to be done. So, here is the list of things you need to enter in the first form

  • name
  • date of birth
  • email
  • password

Nothing complex, right? Then, press the “Register” button and you are already halfway on your path to the dates with pretty Asian girlfriends. It is advised to put as many details as you can because nothing makes a profile, so attractive as fully detailed info. To make it easier for you, AsiaCham has come up with a bunch of questions, which represent your personality and preferences about your desired spouse. This helps to discover your likes and dislikes, and what is important to you in a relationship. Based on this test, the site sends you recommendations for your best matches.

Although the AsiaCham community pays much attention to your interests, it goes much deeper than that. They ask further questions for your online dating profile and take into account personal compatibility. This is one of the main reasons why almost 70% of its members have successfully found love and passion.

After signing up, you will have to set up your profile and change it to a premium to present yourself to potential brides. Once you finished the signup process, you are opened to new romantic experience and endless love. Don’t wait, just overcome your fear and watch your successful future unfolding in front of you.

Singapore Mail Order Bride2


This AsiaCharm dating website review would’ve been incomplete without information about membership plans. The number of expenses is quite individual, but still, there is a certain amount of paid services that include many useful tools. You will need to be prepared for the following expenses:

  • Cost of virtual gifts;
  • Cost of the website membership;
  • Additional cost of advanced services like phone chats or video calls.

What is cool is that you don’t have to calculate all the payments yourself. You simply put money in your balance that is. The funds will be transferred into credits which allow you to use all the features of the website. Whenever you run out of these credits, you just deposit more money. However, the amount of expenses is nothing compared to the happiness you are going to feel when meeting your “the one”.

Search and Profile Quality

Many people find their loved ones through online dating. It can be a tough thing to navigate, however, not in the case with dating site AsiaCharm. Users report having more success when they keep all details about themselves honest and brief. Let your profile be a little mystery for new viewers; let your breathtaking facts work for you.

A fully completed application is a key that opens the door to success. Just take your time and answer questions shaping the general view of you as a man:

  • Insert the principles of strong family values you adhere to;
  • Add your views on cultivating friendships and acquaintances;
  • Mention interesting hobbies you would like to pursue together with your future partner;
  • Make a list of desirable traits;
  • Don’t forget to write what drives you crazy to find the same frantic as you are.

Then, when you finally have made above mentioned necessary steps start showing your interest to women (match suggestions) that AsiaCham chose for you in accordance with the questionnaire.


Sometimes, when we are trying to find a safe dating service, we can not be confident about its legality. No worries, we have picked up a genuinely cool site that is 100% legal. Many AsiaCharm reviews left by its users prove that AsiaCharm platform is one of the most reliable dating sites. The identities of all the women who have registered on the platform are thoroughly verified and checked by the team. AsiaCham uses a well-known security technology, commonly used by other major projects on the Internet. So, there is nothing to worry about. The ladies confirm all the photos and videos before posting them, making this all legit. All singles you meet there are being the validated member with serious intentions only.


We made profound research while working on this online dating site review and found out that all of the user rights are under solid security due to the modern technologies that track hackers or scammers. It means that information and photos you post on AsiaCham are not shown or transferred to third parties. Everything is highly secured there, so you can be sure that this platform is not scam. Furthermore, your billing activities stay private as well.

Besides, the customer service works 24/7 allowing the newcomers to email or call at any time and get the answers or solutions to a particular problem.

Chinese Brides for Marriage2


As might have understood, if you are aiming at finding a unique platform to find your Asian lady, you definitely should go for AsiaCham’s service. This site has connected so many couples overseas. It has no boundaries, as the platform contains a variety of tools, like:

  • pre-scheduling Facetime meetings where you can look your best;
  • taking a personality test, which mainly shows the kind of partner you are;
  • interacting with one another through instant messages;
  • showing your direct interest through gift deliveries.

This is definitely the best free dating site for serious relationships that will assist you in finding your significant other. Using this top dating site, you will be able to meet someone who is always by your side, even when you’re not necessarily right, who backs you up, who stands up for you, and is a constant source of support. Feel encouraged to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. AsiaCham treats everyone well because seeing you shine finding your love simply makes them happy. Hopefully, you’ve learned everything you wanted from this review and now its time to try this efficient system out and find your true love! Who knows, maybe you are going to be the next lucky guy. Review Review

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Have you ever struggled with finding the crush of your life never really meeting somebody who could fit your requirements? More unpleasant, it is a widespread problem to recover after the breakup. As it leads to the volatile emotional state, it also affects your performance at work. Usually, people get stressed so profoundly, so that they bail on their family life, which might result in hideous consequences. Remember, having a terrible experience once in your lifetime doesn’t have to turn into suffering. Therefore, if you are aiming to find your Mrs. Right for serious relationships, AsianFeels dating site is a top dating platform to go for. Here is a short AsianFeels dating website review, so you could learn about the main features of the platform. Review

Pros of AsianFeels

Best Rated Dating Websites
Victoria HeartslogoVictoria Hearts 9.8 Visit Site
LatinfeelslogoLatinfeels 9.5 Visit Site
Asia CharmlogoAsia Charm 9.3 Visit Site
ValentimelogoValentime 9.2 Visit Site

  • 20 Free Credits for Newbies

The site uses a credit pack system offering you free access to particular services. At first, you are given a certain number of credits to try the system out and, subsequently, realize whether you can afford it.

  • Powerful Matching Algorithm

The best matching system is implemented on the AsianFeels forum that has its special strategy. This dating site has actually done plenty of work as to how to find you a perfect partner. In other words, it will help you work out the loving puzzle.

  • High-Quality Service

The community ensures you about profile verification, providing its love-seekers with upgraded photos and, most importantly, videos on profile pages of the women.

  • Females with Serious Intentions

The site consists of a whole bunch of girls from South-East Asian countries. It will choose the best option for you in accordance with your intentions. Haven’t registered yet? You miss out on prospective dates that are waiting for you there.

  • Verified Users

Such a tool gives you a chance to feel comfortable with every woman you are chatting to.

Cons of LatinFeels

It is obvious that every dating platform has its deficiencies. Despite this, the various advantages overweight the small and unserious flaws that might occur. We analyzed many AsianFeels reviews to discover the disadvantages the platform has:

  • No Mobile App

( course, it is a way easier to do everything through the application. However, if you are really interested in using this service, it is not a big deal to do every step through Google.

  • Long-Distance Relationship

Be ready to fall for Asian brides proposed by AsianFeels, as it has the prettiest ladies.

Overall Rating – 9.0 (10)

Try AsianFeels For Free

About AsianFeels Review4

This is the best free dating site for serious relationships. It is a key way to meet someone who you are going to spend the rest of your life with. If you are full of inoperable quick flings, filthy and random hookups and looking for something really serious, choose this service then.  Dating site AsianFeels incessantly improves its cooperation with singles who want to meet his/her new spouse online, which mainly shows how powerful and rewarding this website is for newcomers.

Easy to Use

The usage of the given dating platform is as plain, as daylight. So in this review of AsianFeels we’ll discuss the ease of usage of the site. Moreover, the design and the friendly user interface are worth its money. So you have no reason to regret your purchases, as the quality of features is superior. These components include:


The site looks so fashionable and modern so that it meets everyone’s needs. You will always find tips on how to use it properly so that you won’t get lost. Besides, a support team works 24/7 and is ready to assist you whenever you have questions)

Communication Tools

AsianFeels enables you to chat up girls with instant messages, attach photos in your letter, send gifts to your favorites)


This process is not difficult or time-consuming at all. The only thing you need is to devote a couple of minutes to the registration. You will see the signup button at the main page of the website, where you need to fill in some details about yourself (your name, date of birth, gender, email and password). Now, as you have finished these quick steps, the wide range of Asian girls is opened for you.  Next, you just need to insert some details about your general preferences about the opposite sex to help the platform with choosing your potential match. These might include your hopes about the questions, like religion, kids, marital status, partner’s habits and hobbies.

AsianFeels provides you with an excellent opportunity to join its community for free. So that you may easily see whether it fits you properly or not really. After that, you need to upgrade your account to a paid one and, finally, immerse into the loving environment.

Try AsianFeels For Free Review3

Search and Profile Quality

Nothing helps as much as a good impression, right? In this AsianFeels review will tell you how to make your profile attractive to female users. Every woman would be interested to see an informative and intriguing page with eye-catching photos and the relevant description. This can be achieved by setting up your profile which means a small step for a successful relationship. However, keep in mind that you need to present your real photos and accurate info about your life background, working experience and traits of character. Honesty is a crucial factor while seeking for a person with whom you are planning to spend the rest of your life. So, don’t try to pretend to be someone who you are not. Just be yourself and it will definitely attract your ideal woman.

Comparatively to other online dating sites, AsianFeels does not accept fakes, which eventually allows you to be confident in your choice. Moreover, the AsianFeels platform has created a fantastic tool giving its members of different age the ability to try out instant calls, free messages or gift deliveries. Isn’t it amazing?


The online dating site review would be incomplete without discussing the pricing. New members receive 20 bonus credits for enjoying the service and seeing how it works. However, to be able to carry on finding your lady a virtual currency (credits) must be purchased. Just imagine, it allows you to set meetings up, order flowers delivery among other enthralling options. Whenever you run out of credits, you will always have a chance to use emailing services for free before you purchase more.


At the moment, due to the overwhelming number of dating platforms, nobody is 100% sure about the safety online. However, AsianFeels guarantees you to keep your confidentiality safe (it doesn’t reveal any information you are filling in) and ensures that profiles are legit. The system operates to make every member confident in its activity. If you are suspicious about some policies inside the dating site, the AsianFeeels community works all day long to help you with it.

AsianFeels Is Not Scam

AssianFeels offers a vast number of safeguards to filter scammers, who try to deceive a prospective partner. So, no worries, guys. This platform secures each member from being involved in some sort of online fraud and it is not another scam that you can usually find on the web.

Try AsianFeels For Free


To wrap up, hopefully, this review has helped you to decide whether this platform is for you or no. As you might have understood, AsianFeels is your silver lining to find your special one. Well, if your goal is to date girls overseas, then don’t hesitate to join this community and, finally, change your lonely and boring scenery. This top dating site has already involved users all over the world, which has no boundaries. The platform provides a user with affordable payments, high-quality customer care, legality. With the first glimpse on this site, you will be taken back by the beauty of Asian girlfriends. is a place of your new future. It is your real chance to let yourself experience completely new emotions building a strong relationship with your potential bride. We live just once, so give it the best shot and don’t miss your love! The love of your life is waiting for you Review Review

Our Website Rating

The Internet is full of mess and thousands of platforms which serve to help singles find the love of their lives. That’s mainly why we decided to conduct a little research to demonstrate you a top dating site. If you’ve been single for several decades or several weeks, it isn’t a sign to give up. You deserve to be loved and treated well. Don’t let yourself buy into the ridiculous myths, that you are not going to create family after your 40s. Remember, everything is possible. And the best free dating site for serious relationships LatinFeels is proof of that. It is a top dating platform to find your perfect match and build up a serious relationship. It mostly focuses on men who are passionate about Latin girls and are looking for a serious relationship that could lead to marriage.

Pros of LatinFeels

Extensive Users Base

If you are passionate about Latin ladies, then you are in the right place. The provided dating website has an astonishingly large number of beautiful girls from Latin countries, meaning that you can meet the woman of your dream there)

Best Rated Dating Websites
Victoria HeartslogoVictoria Hearts 9.8 Visit Site
LatinfeelslogoLatinfeels 9.5 Visit Site
Asia CharmlogoAsia Charm 9.3 Visit Site
ValentimelogoValentime 9.2 Visit Site

Complete Safety

The service works with the principle that says; “each user you meet on the site has approved to cooperate within the framework of rules that were suggested by LatinFeels”. So there is nothing to worry about.

Free Registration

The signup process is free of charge enabling everyone to try out the site’s structure.

Effective Customer Support

This platform works 9 to 5 to satisfy everyone with the high-quality service)

Advanced Search Tool

From your side, only informative data is required. The working stuff will find you the best matches itself.

Cons of LatinFeels

No Monthly Subscription

If you run out of credits, you need to refill your balance.

All Features Are Paid

Only members who subscribe can send and reply to messages.

About LatinFeels

Of course, it is okay to spend a Saturday night alone watching a movie and drinking wine. But, it is, definitely, not enough for other Saturdays, right? You just need to get out of your way and start believing that meeting your love through an online dating site is more than real. A considerable amount of men have already connected their lives with adorable brides using the service that LatinFeels provides. Well, what are you thinking of? The new bunch of excitement and memorable meetings are waiting for you there. Let’s have a look at the detailed LatinFeels review. We will describe to you all the nuances concerning the platform usage, its pros and cons, and last, but not the least, the safety standards. Let’s check them out! Review

Easy to Use

Companionship and having love is everything. If you want to get rid of loneliness, feel brave to use the LatinFeels dating site. The platform opens an enormous number of open-minded singles. Just imagine, you have a chance to chat with women of different age at any time and no matter where you are. All you need is a strong willingness to give love a try, and that’s it. On LatinFeels you would find tons of opportunities, you haven’t thought about before. So, pull yourself together and, finally, make the first step towards your future.


Any LatinFeels dating website review would have been incomplete without describing the registration process. Your time is running out if you are not a member of The registration is as easy as a doddle. However, the final award is like a honey pot at the end of the rainbow. This process is 100% free, isn’t it cool? It takes less than 5 minutes to join All you need to do is enter your email, name, date of birth, and create a password to log in a system and make the most of it. Don’t forget about uploading photos and adding all the necessary details about yourself. Later on, if you wish you can edit your profile and add particular changes at any time.

Keep in mind that the way you present yourself forms and increases your chances to find the right person. That’s why the given dating site has come up with an exciting questionnaire for every newbie. You will be proposed to answer the list of questions:

  • Describe your perfect date
  • Habits of your future partner
  • Marital status
  • Religion
  • Attitude towards having a baby

At the end of the registration, you will get the confirmation of the account activation. From then on, you are free to use and enjoy the time spent on LatinFeels.


If you check LatinFeels reviews, you’ll see that all of the users on LatinFeels have strong intentions about finding their family. This mainly proves that all girlfriends on this dating site act as validated members, meaning that they have verified their identities with the government-issued ID.

Female Safety

Every girl that you see there has the chance to post legit photos or videos only after a thorough pre-screening made by LatinFeels.

Male Safety

To resolute the problem of scammers this dating site ensures LatinFeels girls in men’s seriousness by requiring them to buy the credits we have mentioned above.

Data Protection

You shouldn’t worry about personal information to be sold to third parties. Dating site LatinFeels vigorously pursues the enforcement of confidentiality rules. So you can be sure that LatinFeels dating site is not scam. 

Billing Info Protection

The dating platform secures all the payments using web-controlling technologies Review2

Search and Profile Quality

It is obvious that LatinFeels designers have paid much attention to the profile questionnaire that gathers diversified and genuine information. Apparently, it is relatively easy to identify which member is fully interested and which is not.

It is a must-have if it comes to finding a prospective partner. The LatinFeels matching algorithm is highly powerful for those who are honest with themselves and others, with members, who are ready to introduce themselves to new acquaintances.


First of all, in this review of LatinFeels, we should mention the pricing. LatinFeels makes everything so accessible and affordable for those who are crazy about meeting their soulmates. Every big company has its virtual currency (for LatinFeels users it is known as credits)

Let us tell you how the pricing system works here.

Each user needs to buy credits to get access to all of the up-to-date features offered by LatinFeels (searching the candidates and interacting with them). There’s no monthly subscription, and the only thing you do is to recharge the balance once you no longer have credits. LatinFeels website offers the following packages. Just decide on the number of credits you need and enjoy the service.

  • 19.99$ – discount price, 28.99$ – original price for 50 credits
  • 44.99$ – discount price, 64.99$ – original price for 125 credits
  • 69.99$ – discount price, 99.99$ – original price for 250 credits
  • 149.99$ – discount price, 214.99$ – original price for 750 credits

If you don’t upgrade your credits, all the activities inside the system, like sending and responding to messages, delivering gifts stay behind a paywall

In comparison with other online dating sites, you might notice that LatinFeels has average prices. However, you will be pleasantly surprised with the service level and loving environment among the LatinFeels team for such an incredible cost.


Hopefully, this online dating site review helped to learn more about this platform so you could decide yourself if the platform would work for you. LatiFeels facilitates the members with the range of tools that may come in handy if you are open to date. It helps users develop long-lasting and mature couples. It is a chance once in a lifetime, something that you have never even imagined.

LatinFeels strives to make it easier for you to find other singles with the same intentions. It guarantees a secure environment for users, which brings people together and establishes a long-term relationship whether you are interested in finding a mature partner, companion with a similar social background or just exploring the following possibilities to find your Mrs. Right. If you said “yes” to at least one of these statements it means that LatinFeels is exactly what you need. Reading this review should be the first step on your love journey.  Sol et yourself experience something new and unforgettable. Don’t miss your chance! Who knows, maybe somewhere here is your destiny. Review Review

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Love makes the world go ‘round, right? Love vibrates very fast, whereas fear-based emotions (like jealousy, possessiveness, hatred, greed, etc.) vibrate very slowly. Every person wants to have a serious and stable relationship. However, this aspect of life might be daunting sometimes. Some of you may have problems with choosing the “right” person. Someone tends to behave strange while on a date. Somebody else can’t recognize the cheater or betrayal or, even worse, struggles with peaceful living together. But don’t lose hope! If you want to meet somebody who shares your interests and desires, then the best dating site LoverWhirl is the most excellent solution. Resist the temptation to find your soulmate by leaving it to fate. Instead, surround yourself with the most beautiful girlfriends on LoverWhirl, and, finally, increase the likelihood of finding your lover.

Pros of LoverWhirl

Simple Navigation

LoverWhirl provides you with tips as to where to click or how to not get lost among different services.

Best Rated Dating Websites
Victoria HeartslogoVictoria Hearts 9.8 Visit Site
LatinfeelslogoLatinfeels 9.5 Visit Site
Asia CharmlogoAsia Charm 9.3 Visit Site
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24/7 Support

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LoverWhirl dating website has a range of intelligent, attractive and family-oriented singles.

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The safety is a top priority for the LoverWhirl dating online site, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy here.

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The platform has put together a vast number of tools that are necessary to make a good first impression, like checking your viewers, sending stickers, presenting deliveries, etc.

Cons of LoverWhirl

Paid Service

Most of the features are available only after recharging the balance. This factor might seem time-consuming, but if the idea of finding a future fiancée drives you crazy, then refilling the balance is not going to be a problem)

No Monthly Subscription

As in the first case, it can be quite inconvenient but remember about the pros which overweight these modest cons. Review

LoverWhirl Dating Website Review

LoverWhirl is the best free dating site for serious relationships that can help you find your perfect match. It has a successful experience of bringing romantic couples together and connecting love around the globe. This website is a high of standards compared to other platforms and is relatively cheap. The top dating site LoverWhirl is continuously improving its services and developing communication abroad. On this website, you will find everything you have been looking for: flirt, marriage, dates.

Search and Profile Quality Review2

According to scientists, couples tend to be more satisfied with their partners when they think of their love like a trip or pathway. That’s why you are more than welcome to embark on a love journey with LoveWhirl. All members have to concretize their aims and the view of a perfect date and preferable bride. The developed system works so quickly that it will choose your soulmate with the magic of one click. Just insert the preferences you expect to see in candidates and the LoverWhirl website will figure out which woman fits you best. Frame your love as a journey and LoverWhirl dating site will be your main guide.


Keep reading this review of LoverWhirl, if you are ready to find “the one”.LoverWhirl is a popular dating website with a simple and user-friendly interface. It is so easy in use, like ABC. Just give it a try!

  1. First things first, you do a signup process;
  2. After that, complete your profile;
  3. Finally, interact with other members.

Let’s have a detailed look at all of these steps.

To start, when you open LoverWhirl a registration form appears in front of you, where you fill out the data (name, country, date of birth, sex, preferences, email, and password). Besides this, you need to agree on terms and the website’s policies that finish your registration.

To complete your form, you have to specify your goals and intentions (prospective marriage, flirt, a long-lasting relationship). After that, you add short details by clicking on advanced features like height, weight, age, sex, preferable habits, etc. Also, it is a nice idea to upload your photos. The statistics have shown that women of different age are more attracted to the profiles which have adorable photos and detailed descriptions. If you want your ideal partner to be equally attracted to you – you need to know who you are, and what do you exactly want.

It is worth mentioning that the first step will take you less time, rather than the last one. But it doesn’t mean that you have to skip it! Vice versa, this is the most efficient part while looking for an ideally matching partner. So, devote your time and carefully review the online registration process.


For some of you, it may seem crazy to pay for dating online. But in this LoverWhirl review, we want to show you the payment system from another perspective. It is all implemented to give access only to those who are explicitly interested in finding a real partner. There are a bunch of free online dating sites, but we bet you haven’t seen any happy couples built on them. Ending up with something serious on free ones is such a low probability, so it is almost equal to 0. And, now, answer the question: “Is it really worth your time and negative experience?” Of course not! That’s why has created such a beneficial policy for newcomers that helps to identify whether you have prospective plans to meet a girl or it’s just for fun.

There is no monthly subscription on the given platform. If you want to involve yourself in instant chatting, virtual gifts, you are offered to purchase credits (kind of virtual currency). As you spend these credits, you are required to refill your account.

As you can see, the price is a reflection of its service.  LoverWhirl community takes care of your safety 24/7, improving its support. Their main goal is to make its members happy and watch them building long-term marriages.


In this review, we should cover the topic of safety on this platform.  LoverWhirl is a highly secured and legit platform. Creators of the website care about users’ satisfaction and effectiveness of the dating process. With the first glance at it, you will notice how safe and operative the system is. For this dating community, the safety of users is a primary policy. It ensures your data and payment protection by tracking fraudsters and scammers down and excluding them from the system. No one will hack your data or steal your info.

Also, a support team secures all payments and keeps everything private by using innovative advances. This technological development mainly focuses on processing, verifying and controlling all the activities made in the platform. In case you observed any scamming or you have any suggestions or additional remarks, you are always free to inform the LoverWhirl stuff about that. And be sure, that all precautionary measures will be made (deleting of scams, protecting honest users). All of this proves that LoverWhirl is not scam.

We read many LoverWhirl reviews to understand what kind of experience users have with this platform. The advantages of LoverWhirl are a way more considerable than a few of its disadvantages.  The main cons are referred to the pricing, while the most pros are connected with the wide-ranging features, multiple levels service.


Hopefully, this online dating site review has helped you to learn more about this dating platform and decode whether it works for you or does not. Everyone secretly hopes that the love of their life will be waiting for them when their plane lands. No, it doesn’t work like this. You put yourself out of the place of passengers and become a pilot on your journey, who drives to amazing land called “Love.” If you are sick of being single and nothing is holding you back to move to a new country, LoveWhirl is the right option for you. If you are one of those people, who have spent a lifetime waiting for the right person to come along and feel like it is never going to happen, we remind you about this top dating service. Stop just sitting around waiting for the half that will make you whole. Join LoverWhirl today and your true love will find you before you even blink.