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Considering itself to be the most popular social network of the 21st century, Facebook has decided to launch the newest application Facebook Dating. As an extension to the site, a review on Facebook Dating shows that this is an online dating community where you can create the perfect match with more information about each user.

Overall rating – 7.2

  • Partner suggestions – 7.2
  • Price-performance – 7.0
  • Service – 6.7
  • Free features – 6.2
  • Ease of use – 7.6
  • Safety – 8.4

Pros and Cons


  • open to relationships girlfriends
  • many features
  • a public expression of your love


  • many fakes profiles
  • high prices
  • more online than offline


In today’s world, people are just stuck in the phone world. The world is getting smaller through telephone and the Internet and as a result, people are becoming more isolated. Sometimes, we even prefer to interact with people online than in real life. Because of this, someone may say that Facebook knows a person better than her own parents.

A Facebook Dating review shows that Facebook was launched in 2004 to allow people around the world to share their thoughts and since then Facebook has become the most popular network. Since then, this notorious site has been collecting all the data about our location, habits, preferences, place of work and more. This all allows FB to show us ads and other pages that we sometimes don’t even pay attention to. However, how about finding potential matches on FB? Is this a good alternative to other dating sites?

facebookdating review

Stunning everyone, the site will launch its newest in modern technology and this is Facebook Dating. Since most people are more or less attached to FB, will it create the perfect couples for the feature? Although the full development has not yet been announced, the beta version of Facebook Dating has already been tested in Colombia. This platform has been launched in Canada and Thailand recently, but what more is there to tell you and whether it will really help you with your online dating?


Review of Facebook Dating shows that this platform has many interesting features, but compared to other dating sites there are very few features of the search. Also, you cannot access the features of communication because they are only available to premium male and female users. Below you can see the list of available features, but most of them are also for upgraded accounts only.


The platform has a special chat box for communication. For security, you can only send text messages. If you want to send links, media or audio messages, then you should look for other applications. Chat boxing is not convenient because you need to switch to another chat application.


We all want to separate ourselves from social networks at some time. Alert noise can get annoying, so you may want to take breaks from time to time for healthy dating. The site has a special feature that pauses it. This option stops your online dating activity without deactivating your profile. You can still keep in touch with people during this pause, but you will not be notified.

Second Look

This feature is in the Facebook Dating dating site settings. This feature shows you people in reverse chronological order so you can do Second Look. This feature lets you revisit your Suggested Matches again and see if you may have missed any good matches.

Block List

You can view your Facebook dating blocklist to make sure you can’t be matched with people who aren’t your friends on Facebook and who you still don’t want to see. This maybe your former lover who you don’t want to date but have not blocked on Facebook, a family member or just a friend. To further secure this latest Facebook Dating feature, a preemptive block feature has been created and is a great way to trust other users because you will no longer be able to meet unwanted singles who have been plaguing online daters for so long.


In the profile, you can see tips on how to start a conversation. Since the site Review shows that this platform values serious relationships more than just flirting, it provides many interesting features such as an interactive interface that guarantees you a strong relationship with the match.


You can only sign up for the site if you are 18 years old. A Facebook Dating review shows that if you are a Facebook user, this does not mean that you are automatically joining Facebook Dating. To create a profile, you need to activate Facebook Date because men and ladies create a separate profile for dating. You need to confirm your location by phone and you can start your search.

Search and Profile Quality

Facebook and Facebook dating profiles are two different things, so you shouldn’t be confused. Your Facebook Profile will not be visible to your Facebook friends who do not have this extension. Facebook Dating reviews show that the platform offers its service for nonbinary genders and sexual orientations as options. In order to optimize the matchmaking process, you need to answer several questions such as “What songs do you sing alone?” etc.

As for the search, you can only match people who are no more than 100 km from you. Facebook Dating allows you to send an interest to the users you like, but this number is limited in one day. You can also swipe right or left here, depending on whether you liked the photo. The site has simple and advanced searches. Moreover, you will receive suggestions on potential matches every day.


Facebook Dating online review shows that this site is not completely legit. You cannot fully protect yourself from fake profiles because they are logged into Facebook regularly. Also, there are various scams on this dating platform from time to time and you should read the security tips on the site.

Cost per Month

So far, the premium features of this top dating site in development, so there are no exact prices. Many users assume that prices on this app will be high because FB is a very popular social network.

Customer Support

Reviews on Facebook Dating show that there are many ways to contact support. You can fill out a special form in the application and indicate the reason for your appeal. This can be a complaint about the bad work of the platform, suspicious profiles and if you have been cheated. Support will answer you in a few days because they have so many complaints. If you want an answer to your question, you should look for it in the FAQ section.


Among the many online dating sites, this Dating is almost no different. It will have the same features, sometimes even worse, and it does not guarantee safety. But here you can meet many of your FB friends and continue more intimate communication with them.


How Can I Create an Account on Facebook Dating?

All you have to do is click the heart button on your FB profile. There you can confirm your location and add personal information.

Will My Friends See If I Register on Facebook Dating?

No, they won’t see. Only your matches on Facebook Dating will see your profile.