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In the overwhelming variety of different online dating sites, for those who value their time, it is essential to know exactly what you are signing up to is and whether it will serve the purpose well. This review of tells everything about what kind of platform it is, delineates its strong sides as well as talks about its weaknesses.

Overall Rating — 8.5/10

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  • Registration: 9/10
  • Profile Quality: 9/10
  • Value for price: 7/10
  • Safety: 9/10
  • Customer Satisfaction: 8/10

Pros and Cons


  • An extensive base of active users;
  • Has a wide member composition;
  • Free registration;
  • User-friendly intuitive interface;
  • Offers a number of various features to enhance the quality of member communication;
  • Advanced matching mechanism;
  • Has a mobile application.


  • Communication is limited with a paid subscription to the service;
  • Not a lot of unique features.

Short Review (Editor’s Summary)

This review of the website reveals that is great for international dating as it is truly inclusive. Not only the location of the members varies greatly, but also the site covers a large age range: a lot of reviews point out you can meet singles of all ages starting from 18 to over 60.

Since its re-branding, became even closer to social media and has adapted the newest online dating mechanisms and trends, and is now balancing perfectly between the ease of the dating apps and sophistication of dating sites. Keep reading this Firstmet review to learn more.

What is

To review in a nutshell, Firstmet is an online dating site that was first launched by Snap Interactive (this company now goes under the name PeerStream now) in 2007 and was called AreYouInterested (AYI). Are You Interested was an exclusive dating website aimed at catering to singles looking to meet their potential life partners.

In 2012 this online dating platform rebranded, and this is when Firstmet as it is known today appeared. Apart from getting a new name, this online dating platform has also received a slightly altered vision, and adapted the outlook of several popular social media sites in order to enhance the user experience, making it less restricted and more fun.

Goal of the Site

However, despite making some amendments, the prime goal of the service remained the same — up to this very day it is still aimed primarily at those individuals interested in connecting with like-minded ladies and gentlemen to create strong bonds with them and potentially start meaningful relationships. This means, while people still can find themselves a casual date for a night if they state their intentions clearly and apply relevant search filters, most of the users of the platform are after finding true soulmates and the real love of their life.

Is a good dating site? Answering this question is the prime goal of this dating site review. However, it can be said in the review with absolute certainty that is among the most popular online dating sites. It receives over 500,000 active users’ visits on a weekly basis and has the total member composition of over 30 million singles. at a Glance

Best for: Mature singles interested in flirting, dating and building relationships

Number of members: Over 30 million

Recommended age: 25-55

Favorite features: Carousel of profiles, video chat, icebreakers

How Does Work

The way works is similar to that of many other online dating sites as this review found out. After you have registered an account and set up a profile, you may delve straight into the world of online flirting and meeting likeminded singles! Proceed with this Firstmet review if you want to dive deeper.

In fact, is designed in such a way that connecting with men and women of your liking is easier than ever. In order to explore the vast variety of users registered on the site, you can take either of two paths: recommended answers or advanced manual search.


Recommended matches work on the basis of similar interests and shared hobbies analyzed by the matching algorithms employed by the site. A lot of dating reviews talk about how well-designed these algorithms, as they often suggest extremely compatible options which turn out to be great potential, romantic partners.

The way you are introduced with the recommended matches is similar to those of Tinder — you are presented with a carousel with profile photos. The only difference is that instead of swiping left or right in order to indicate the extent of your liking of someone, you are given an opportunity to click on either the checkmark if you fancy the profile in front of you, or the X mark if you are not.

This is a rather fun method of exploring your options and can be a good way to entertain yourself. Moreover, you can even adjust the age range and preferred distance in order to refine the set of profiles shown to you. However, if you would like to be in more control of your matching process, you can search for potential matches manually. Keep reading the Firstmet review to learn even more about the site.


Unfortunately, there is no free search, but paid members can enjoy the benefits of the advanced search tool. You can plug in the criteria that you would love to see in your ideal partner, so the tool would filter out those who do not fit those. By narrowing down your search in such a way, you can make it more precise and maximize your chances of getting to know someone who would be 100 percent compatible with you. In fact, this can help you meet your true soulmate. So, is worth paying for? The answer is, yes! The advanced search tool is an extremely useful one.


As soon as you find the people who catch your eye, you can contact them using the usual for online dating sites means of communication, the main one being chat. Apart from an ability to send instant messages, you can also choose to exchange private emails with your girlfriends. In addition to that, Firstmet has also partnered with Paltalk to provide video chatting for its users.

All of the aforementioned things are great for those who have already established a sturdy connection. For those who are still trying the waters, there is a particularly interesting feature of — icebreakers. Multiple reviews claim that being the questions that the site will send to matches who meet your criteria to answer and start the conversation, those are a great way to get things going! Keep reading the Firstmet review to learn even more.


Getting started on Firstmet is as easy as it gets, especially after Firstmet rebranded itself and integrated with Facebook, receiving the corresponding app. For this very reason, this dating site is very straightforward and does not take a lot of time to create an account. The signup process starts at the landing page of the platform when new users are presented with a short registration form which includes several standard fields to complete: your name, email, location and date of birth. After this, you are also asked to come up with a password, and you are good to go — the site does not ask its users to verify their email address.

If that still seems like a chore to you, a lot of reviews note how easy it is to use Facebook for signing up. You can connect your online dating profile to your already existing social media profile so the system would import all the basic information about you from there.

Profile Quality

This Firstmet review claims that Firstmet takes pride in the high quality of the profiles registered on the platform, and puts emphasis on the interests of the singles who choose to look for love on there. This is noticeable from the first glance as each and every user profile has a large section dedicated to their interests, hobbies, and generally speaking things they like. Viewing profiles (including the profile picture) is available to free users as well as those who use the premium version of the site.

Apart from this, almost every review of website marks the fact that the profiles are rather detailed and share plenty of information — just from viewing someone’s profile you can learn their political stance, review their zodiac sign, favourite movies and many more.

Safety & Security

Some of the dating site reviews state that safety and security are the areas of controversy for the site. Despite a clear and strict registration process and usage of the VPN-detecting mechanisms which immediately suspend any account which uses a VPN, unfortunately, there is still a number of fake profiles that find loop-holes in the system.

This is why the site put extra effort into educating its users about online safety, and determine which accounts are legit and which ones are frauds. Moreover, the Firstmet team is quick to react to any reports or complaints, review them, and appreciate cooperating with the members of the site.

Finally, the truth about Firstmet is that it uses strong technological security measures such as firewalls, private networking, role-based access controls, encryption, backups and authentication to make sure your information is maintained secure at all times.

Help & Support

If you have any questions about the site not covered in the review, its terms and conditions or are just generally unsure about any part of your online dating experience, you are welcomed to contact the support team. They are available at all times and can be reached through the Help&Support page.


Part of the features is available to free members of the site such as:

  • Registration;
  • Setting up a profile;
  • Using the Are You Interested game;
  • Video chat via Paltalk.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in boosting your profile, sending and receiving messages from other users and seeing who viewed your profile, this Firstmet review suggests you might consider getting the Premium Membership for a sensible fee:

  • 1 Month — 24.99 $ / Month;
  • 3 Months — 16.66 $ / Month;
  • 6 Months — 12.50 $ / Month.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is Safe?

As discussed previously in this Firstmet review on dating site, is a legit platform that really does let you find the love of your life and connect with a number of singles. While it does have some amount of fake accounts registered on the site, the moderation team is very efficient at suspending those profiles in order to review it and keep the dating environment safe and pleasant. Moreover, you can be sure that all your financial data is safe as the transactions are not a scam and are clear and secured.

Is a Real Dating Site?

This review came to the conclusion that is absolutely legit. It has been around for a while and has earned its reputation in the industry. It is known within the online dating community as a highly efficient site, great for building strong relationships.

How Many Members Does Have?

According to the most recent information, the member base of Firstmet has over 30 million registered users. This allows for a significantly greater chance of finding someone who would be just right for you and implies that you are highly unlikely to run out of options too fast. It will take ages to review all of them!

Is Worth It?

The main question of any review is: “Is any good?”. The short answer would be, yes, it definitely is. With the large and varied database of users and well-developed features that simplify the process of connecting with likeminded singles, is a good shot.

How to Use

The review of established that it is a rather straightforward site to get your head around of, especially considering the fact it is not overloaded with a number of additional features. Its features are limited to the basic, yet the most effective ones. Just create a profile, specify what you are looking for, and start matching with the others!

Is Free?

Registering on the site is free of charge, so is setting up a profile and looking through the profiles of other users. However, s discussed in this review in order to maximize the effectiveness of the platform, it is best to upgrade to Premium membership.

Can I Use Anonymously?

If you choose to remain anonymous throughout your online dating journey, you can talk to ladies under a nickname instead of using your real name. In order to do so, this review recommends you to opt for the email-based registration rather than import your data from Facebook.

How Can I Delete My Profile?

You are welcomed to terminate your Firstmet profile at any time. If you no longer wish to be using it, you can review your account via the Settings section.

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