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If you are a senior person, you definitely don’t want to use Tinder or other similar online dating sites and apps. When you are in your forties, fifties or older, you know what you want from life. While we are young, we tend to experiment and search for something new. But growing older means that you are gaining experience each year. You have different views, and you lose those illusions that you had when you were young, etc. That’s why we came up with a SeniorPeopleMeet review – this project connects people who are mature.

SeniorPeopleMeet dating site grants you the chance to find love or friendship, to get the support that we need in different situations, to find someone with whom you can have an interesting conversation, etc. The project was launched by a huge media group People Media. This group has created and launched different projects that cater to the interests of different groups of people.

For instance, they have created platforms for senior people to date, but at the same time, they understand that other people might feel better within a specialized and individualized platform. As examples, you can view BlackPeopleMeet, or BBPeopleMeet. This review of SeniorPeopleMeet will give you a clear picture of the website, its peculiarities, strong and weak sides, etc.

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Pros and Cons

Any dating website has weaknesses and strong sides. This SeniorPeopleMeet dating website review will highlight the pros and cons of this particular project. Let’s start with advantages:


The Site Is Popular in the USA

If you live here or if you want to meet someone from the US, you should know that this platform has almost 2 million users from America.

Active Users

For instance, only from the US, this platform gains almost 2 million users each month. As you can see, the number of users equals the activeness of these users.

Huge Users Database

The only peculiarity is that there are more women than men. Around sixty percent of users are ladies, and only forty percent are gentlemen. So, it’s easier to find a girlfriend rather than a boyfriend.

Free Searching Tool

SeniorPeopleMeet online dating site review shows that it has a free to use search tool. This means that you can register, and you don’t even need to buy a subscription. You can check out how the system works before paying for usage of the platform.

Cheap Subscription

You can choose between several options – buying credits, or buying a subscription. Credits you can use only when you want to contact someone, so that way you can save some money if you are positive that you won’t have time to use the site. But if you are sure that you are free, then you can buy a subscription. Cost per month depends on the number of months, for instance, if you buy six months, it’s cheaper.

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Option to Upload Thirty Photos

You won’t have to buy an additional subscription or to upgrade your account to VIP as it sometimes needed on different platforms.

Detailed Profiles

SeniorPeopleMeet reviews and comments on the Internet show that the profiles are so detailed, that it’s easy to find an individual with similar interests.

Low Percentage of Scammers

You can be sure that there is a very low percentage of scammers on the website. The reason why scammers abandon the site is that the system identifies all the photos that are taken from the Internet.

Decent Match System

A decent match system that is responsible for sending you eleven compatible candidates every day.

Access to Photos in Profiles

Profile photographs are visible for every user. If you are not so sure about using the service, you can check out some profiles. You will be able to see photos and biographical information, even though you are a free user.


But even though the dating site SeniorPeopleMeet has so many advantages, there are some considerable disadvantages.

Prices Can Be Expensive for Some People

There are alternative websites that are cheaper. Even if you purchase the six months subscription that grants you a discount, there are alternatives that are cheaper.

No Guarantee That the Person You Are Chatting with Is Real

As it was mentioned above, the security system bans the accounts that use non-unique pictures. But there are a lot of free programs on the Internet that help in increasing the uniqueness of the picture even though it was downloaded from Google. So, you can’t be so sure that the photo is real. But there is a method to verify that the person is real – any signs, stickers, etc., might be the indicators that the picture is not real. 

Fake Account

There are fake accounts on the website. Partially, this is because it’s a top dating site and it attracts different scammers. But there is another reason – website owners don’t bother to implement a more sophisticated verification system that will check the information about the person.

Even though the website has such advantages as active users, the app that allows you to use the platform on your phone, etc., the site has a lot of scammers. Even this system that verifies that the photo is real does not help. The reason is that there is no mechanism that would check whether the person indicates the real location, is his name real, etc. 

Weak Security System

If there would be such safety measures, then the number of scammers would drop. But since owners are not doing anything yet, people are trying to manipulate senior people so that they can send them money. The only way you can protect yourself, is not to send money, not to give any personal information that can be related to your bank account. Just ignore such people.

The community is still very active and scammers won’t be bothering you every day, but be careful. Some singles are sincerely willing to meet the love of their lives. But some profiles might not be legit.

Easy to Use

The idea of the site is to connect people of one age. You can choose the age of your preferred partner, his personality traits, hobbies, etc., and the system will send you daily eleven potential candidates. It doesn’t mean that you will immediately find the one, that’s why you might not want to wait. Before you use the search tool, you need to signup. It will take around two minutes, but then you need to fill your profile, which can take a while.


If you don’t want to waste your time, use the search tool. It allows you to find thousands of users that meet your personal requirements. You can filter people by their location if you are interested in meeting the person you like in real life. That way you won’t have to travel to the other side of the continent if you fall in love.

Profile Quality

It’s relatively easy to find someone to build friendly relationships. People use this site to find friendship and support, and sometimes this friendship slowly transforms into a more romantic relationship. The quality of the profiles varies. You can find accounts where a potential candidate filled all information about him (her) and his (her) life, but there are profiles that seem to be fake.

Beware of accounts where a user uploads only one picture of himself or herself. Even though you can download the app on your portable device (phone, tablet), it doesn’t have any distinguishing features. It’s the same as the desktop version.


Reviews on SeniorPeopleMeet that you will find on the Internet will be a bit controversial. On the one hand, the site is easy to use, it has useful features and the match system is quite good, etc. But on the other hand, people say that there are scammers on the site. Still, there are a lot of cases when people found love on the site.