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Dating Websites To Join in 2020

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Make sure you understand that this article depicts our thoughts about the most useful gay sites. It’s not an official statistics, only personal opinion.

It’s the 21st century and people finally understood that they don’t have to judge people of other sexual orientations. By most progressive societies it’s even frowned upon to judge someone based on their beliefs, religion and sexual orientation. But even though most people are finally minding their own business, some individuals might still judge gay men. That’s why there are gay dating apps.

While using the most popular gay dating apps, you can feel comfortable within the community of like-minded individuals. You won’t have to convince someone to mind their own business, to explain why you are flirting with other men, etc. You can feel free and start your search for a man of your dreams. 

The most recent research on gay dating sites states that almost fifty percent of gay users are men of the age 25-40 years. With such a wide audience it’s relatively easy to find a like-minded personality and to start dating on one of the coolest gay dating apps. Almost eighty percent of respondents state that while using paid or free gay dating apps, they have managed to establish relationships – either serious romantic relationships, or friendship, or they have found partners for casual dating.

Even though such results give hope to all the gay singles who would love to try using online websites to start dating, such an experience can be challenging. When someone is using a mainstream website, he can’t expect that he will google a request and immediately find the coolest platform to date online. The same rule is applied when someone is trying to find the greatest dating apps for gay men.

You can’t expect that you will immediately find the app or site that fits all your needs, which is easy to use and has a great pool of single men, preferably local men. That’s why it might be challenging to find love online, you might pick the wrong dating app. In this short guide, you will learn about the greatest gay dating apps for relationships that will help you to find what you need.

Coolest Gay Dating Apps And Websites

The good thing is that the dating industry understands that mainstream apps won’t satisfy the needs of everyone. That’s why there are tons of apps for gay men to date. But you don’t want to pick a random gay dating app since it might be a scam, or it might not have a great pool of potential gay partners, or for other reasons. You need to choose a site for gay men that will offer you quality.

Gay Dating App

Such a dating app for gay men might be paid, but some of them are free gay dating apps. The difference is that in the first case you can meet men without the need to close every several minutes annoying ad banners or videos. Since you are paying for the content while using the website, then the owners don’t have to search for a source to make money. 

If you are using the coolest apps for gay dating for free, then prepare to be patient. Since you don’t pay, owners of the site still have to find a source of income. But the good news is that owners of such free sites are using a portion of that money to maintain servers and to implement safety measures to enable positive experience for all the gay members of the site.

But what gay dating sites are the coolest and can offer you what you need? Let’s see.


This website caters to the interests of everyone. Yes, it doesn’t matter what sexual orientation you have, you will find someone who fits your needs. This website offers around twenty sexual orientations for users to choose from. That’s why It’s one of the most LGBT-friendly community sites. It is not only used by men of different sexual orientations, but also by beautiful ladies of other than traditional sexual orientations.

But this is not the only benefit of using OkCupid:

  • Easy registration.
  • Interesting questionnaire.
  • The membership price is reasonable.
  • A vast variety of different users.
  • Decent security system.

It is often used by representatives of the LGBT-community and it’s most likely that OkCupid is one of the most used gay dating apps. It has a clear cut design and it’s easy to start using some of the functions. The questionnaire is more sophisticated than quizzes on other websites. 

It is designed that way that members are not able to adjust their answers to seem better individuals (in their opinion). Since the quiz is sophisticated, it grants you that you will gain the suitable matches. There is an app, and it’s available on Android and iOS devices, that’s why it is one of the coolest gay dating apps for Android and iOS.


This gay app is not exactly for serious relationships, but it is used only by the gay community. Men can start searching partners based on their sexual tastes. This is a great gay app to detect locals who are of the same sexual orientation and are willing to try something new or simply spicy. It’s a straightforward app, you immediately understand what other people want from the site and members.

Here are some advantages:

  • Used to find locals.
  • A good pool of candidates.
  • Precise matchmaking algorithm.
  • Nice interface.
  • Great variety of options.
  • Reasonable price.

While creating a profile, you will notice that all the questions are straightforward and focused on your desires. The gay app will use your answers to find like-minded individuals. The website is mostly used for casual dating but you can indicate in your profile that you are interested in serious romantic relationships. In this case, the system will try to connect you with someone who looks in the same direction.

The website can be used for free. The registration is free, and anyone can start using other features for free. But the VIP or Premium subscription can grat you better results. But users still can use Adam4Adam for free. It’s a great opportunity to find out whether you like the site. Available on Android and iOS which makes it one of the greatest gay dating apps for iOS and Android. 

Gay Friend Finder

Unlike the previous example, this site can be used not only to find partners for casual sex. If you are interested in finding a serious romantic relationship, you can find such an opportunity here. But if your concern is friendship, then you have to know that the site has a huge gay community and you can meet very friendly users and find new friends in different countries. It’s one of the coolest gay dating apps since it pays attention to the personality of an individual and connects only those who fit.

The advantages of this gay dating app are as follows:

  • No restrictions on what you are looking for.
  • It contains forums and blogs.
  • Accounts have to be verified.
  • Used for free.
  • Allows meeting locals.

There are no restrictions on what or who you want to find. You can start looking for friends, love, even for gay communities, etc. It has interesting blogs and forums, members are extremely active and friendly. Trash talking and trolling are forbidden and the administration bans or even blocks such users depending on their misdeeds. Overall, it’s a very friendly place to be yourself and to communicate with like-minded individuals. 


Gay dating apps allow you to start looking for like-minded gay men who are living near you. That way you won’t even have to travel too far when you fall in love.