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Many men harbor fantasies of dating an exotic beauty, but only a few have realized that dating these women does not have to be just works of their imaginations. The sole answer for men in this category who seem to remain oblivious to the solution to this is online dating sites. Here is the review of one such website, Victoria Hearts. This review outlines all the information you need to convince you the platform is worth a trial. To kick start your venture into online dating, you need to find the platform that perfectly suits your needs and relationship goals. If you particularly seek a life partner, then VictoriaHearts is a definite recommendation.

The Pros and Cons of Joining VictoriaHearts


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  • Registration takes just about 30 seconds;
  • Thousands of Russian beauties that make good girlfriends;
  • Detailed dating profiles;
  • Advanced search algorithm;
  • Tight-knit security.


  • Limited database: predominated by Ukrainian and Slavic girls represented.

What Is VictoriaHearts.Com?


Simply put, VictoriaHearts is one of the top dating sites. The website has had years of successful matchmaking, which makes it no surprise it has a high rating of 4.9 stars! The dating site is, indeed, a genius creation and is specially created to link up love-hungry souls from all over the world. The site places excellent values in its incredible capabilities serving as a medium for people who desire to start up biracial families. The site is, however, not limited to long-term relationships and leaves the choice to the users.

With over ten decades of being in the dating business, there are numerous dating website reviews, which serve as first-hand testimony of their excellent services. The platform is a rather modern one which particularly promotes it as a trendy choice for every person who seeks a lover of foreign origin. From findings, the platform is predominated by Slavic beauties, so if you are searching for one, there is no reason not to give dating site a trial right this instant.

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Navigating VictoriaHearts Is a Piece Of Cake

Like mentioned before, VictoriaHearts is typically modern. They seek the advent of technology and continuously upgrade their website and services to fit modern times. That is why it may be hard to believe that the platform’s creation dates back to well over ten years. A mere visit to the website can win you over thanks to the warm and romantic layout of the platform. Despite their race for everything modern, the VictoriaHearts team holds simplicity vital and so make navigation about the platform an easy task.

VictoriaHearts also provides a wide variety of communication tools. The long list includes quick chat options, letters, video calls, and what more, they even do flower deliveries! However, nothing good ever comes easy, so before going on with this article, you should know that VictoriaHearts is a legit premium site and therefore requires members to pay to ensure continued communication. The good news, however, is that registering to become a part of the community is absolutely FREE! 

Quality Profiles On VictoriaHearts

Online dating newbies find it rather difficult to believe that the numerous member profiles they see on dating platforms are all real and just not scam. You can join VictoriaHearts without any fear because the thousands of beautiful ladies you see are all only regular people seeking their soulmate like you are. The proof is in the numerous reviews that litter the internet as well as the well-detailed nature of the profiles.

Search on

The quality of searches on VictoriaHearts is quite fantastic. They employ an advanced search algorithm which makes their couple pairings very easy. Just by specifying the features you desire in a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can filter the profile searches so that you are only presented with similar matches. The filter specifications cover a broad range and include features like age, body type, eye color, or even hair color! This way, you don’t have to go through thousands of profiles one by one before finding the perfect person for you.

Legitimacy of VictoriaHearts

This online dating site review would be incomplete without discussing the legitimacy of VictoriaHearts. The dating company, which aims to help singles meet and maybe start a long-term relationship, is registered in the United States. Every one of its activities is monitored by the laws of the state of California. It is this same legislation that protects the personal and financial information of each member of this dating website.

Numerous legal conditions are clearly outlined on the platform and are, indeed, worth a read. All of that formal shenanigans may not seem important to you, but the happy reviews from users are sure to convince you because there is really no better way than reading first-hand accounts. There are hundreds of VictoriaHearts members who have, thanks to the top-rated platform, met their significant others and even started raising families.

Is VictoriaHearts a Scam?

The answer is a big NO. The VictoriaHearts team try their possible best to curb fraudulent activities. Each member’s personal and financial information is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption technology, which is known to be of a very high standard and is most commonly employed for websites containing sensitive information. Identity verification is available once partners decide to move their relations offsite or choose to see each other in person.

Aside from clearly outlining safety tips for every member to adhere to, they also enforce rules to dissuade scammers who may prey on other unsuspecting members. The ultimate punishment for such culprits is complete banishment, and it is promptly doled out as soon as the support team is made aware. The site administrators encourage victimized members to continue their search for the perfect partner by providing a refund for whatever costs they may have spent on communicating with a confirmed scammer.

How to Get Started on VictoriaHearts

A review of would not be complete without outlining how to gain membership. Luckily enough, getting started on VictoriaHearts is a highly simplified process and takes just a minute.  All you need to do is fill a form containing necessary information like your date of birth, who you are seeking for, and a few others. These, aside from your email address and password which are kept private at all times, are information you wouldn’t mind publicly displaying on your profile.

The registration process is completed when the site administration verifies your account. That ensures security and the viability of new member profiles who signup. Thankfully, it only takes a few seconds and is done through your mail.

The Cost of Communication on VictoriaHearts allows interested persons to register and view profiles for free. However, you have to pay a certain amount of money to earn credits, which serves as the VictoriaHearts currency. Purchasing these credits also allows you to check out private photos and play videos on member’s profiles. The minimum credit package on VitoriaHearts is $ 9.99 for 20 credits. Here is an outline of the essential VictoriaHearts services and what they cost:

  • Chat – 2 credits per minute;
  • Meeting request – 625 credits;
  • Ten credits for the first letter, 30 credits for subsequent letters;
  • Watch a video – 25 credits.

Thankfully, there are numerous prices and plans made to suit every pocket so that the premium status of the platform will not be a form of discouragement.


You will never really understand the real import of joining a dating website until you actually take that bold step. There are times when opportunities seem too good to be true, but that doesn’t mean you forgo them because of a fear of the unknown. A mere visit to VictoriaHearts is sure to leave you stunned. There are thousands of exotic ladies seeking their life partner, and you never know; it may be you!

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